Under Control Tactical Pen for Self Defense with Built-in LED Flashlight

Those who value safety and security already know that a tactical pen is a simple tool worth keeping on you at all time. Not only can these devices provide numerous benefits and functions to the user, but they are also small and affordable – and bring tremendous peace of mind with them. The new Under Control Tactical Pen offers everything you could expect and more, and is newly redesigned for 2019 sensibilities.

Taking a closer look at this neat tool is well worth doing as it could be the perfect addition to your kit, and has already been one of the top sellers online for those looking to buy a similar option. If you’re looking for a tactical pen, This Under Control Tactical Pen could be the solution you need.


  • Made of solid metal construction and built to last. It will stand up to years of use and give you performance on a consistent basis.
  • Fulfills multiple roles and does multiple jobs, letting you handle anything that any situation may throw your way.
  • Logo free, making it even more versatile and less obvious as a self defense tool.
  • Practically unbreakable and built to military grade specs. It comes with a complete lifetime warranty.
  • Comes with a how-to video that offers a guide on getting the most from it.
  • Includes flashlight, glass breaker, and more. You’ll get plenty of uses from it.
  • Small and easy to conceal. Just 6.5 inches, it’s easy to fit into a pocket, purse, or even clip onto a belt if you desire.
  • Made by a small, American, family owned business. You’re buying a pen from a small company instead of a major, faceless corporation.
  • Flashlight is long lasting and very bright, giving you safety in the dark when you need it.
  • Fisher space pen refill compatible – it actually does write, and the quality of the writing function is far better than most might suspect.
  • You get plenty of bang for your buck and will get a ton of functions and reliability out of a very affordable pen.


  • Heavier than some might be used to thanks to the quality construction.
  • May be confusing at first in terms of all the different things it can do, and could take some time to adjust to using properly.
  • Not as small as some options available on the market at the moment.
  • The solid black construction means that it can easily get lost in a glovebox or somewhere else, making it harder to find when you need it if you don’t keep it close by.

Our Verdict

Simply put, it’s not hard to see just why this is consistently the top selling black tactical pen for sale on Amazon. It is heavier, more reliable, and more durable than most others on the market today but still provides a smaller size that is more discrete.

It writes well, works for defense, glass breaking, and more, and has one of the brightest LED flashlights on the market. This makes it a perfect gift for yourself as well as a loved one who needs protection. And with the affordable cost, it’s not hard to recommend that you buy this if you’re in the market for a good tactical pen.

Plus, the small family business that makes the pen deserves your support and you can invest with confidence and without regret at all. No matter what you need it for, this little pen offers tremendous value for the money. The drawbacks are incredibly minor and it’s well worth adding to your pocket, glovebox, or purse.

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  1. W#ow, that would be really nice to own. It would make me feel safer.

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