There are a lot of excellent ways how you can sharpen your tactical knife but, before you do it, there are some facts about the knife and sharpening equipment that are good to know because that can help to get the best out your knife with almost no effort at all. Almost every knife that you can buy is factory sharpened. These knives usually come with a steep bevel angle that is something around 25 degrees, approximately.

The intention was to keep the customers happy while providing them with relatively sharp knives. The edge was meant to be an acceptably sharp and retain that sharpness. However, there is more than enough room for various improvements. If you can decrease the angle of the bevel edge, you will instantly get a sharper edge. There is only one downside to this, the edge gets blunt more quickly than before, but if you want your tactical knife to be really sharp, this is the right way to do it.

Recommended angle for sharpness

sharpening stonesThe recommended angle for tactical knives is usually around 20 degrees. That way, you get both edge retention and sharpness at the same time. Some razors go down to 15 degrees while axes and machetes have the steepest angle, approximately 35 degrees. The sharper the edge is, the easier it gets to use the knife. If you have a really sharp knife, you will not have to bother when you cut through something; you will quickly go through the material that you are cutting.

It is not only about the effort, but it is also about the control and precision. The sharper your knife is, the more control and precision are achieved which also helps to avoid any unnecessary cuts. So, it is always good and recommended to keep the edge as sharper as possible.

Sharp knives are always good when it comes to cooking or any kind of work that requires dexterity or skill. If you want to fillet fish, you will need a really sharp and thin knife to do it. It is pretty difficult to measure accurately the angles of sharpness at your home but, you will be able to achieve a great result if you just slightly reduce the factory set bevel. Most of the tutorials for sharpening would recommend just that because it gives the best results.

How to reduce factory set bevel

The best way to do it is to take the sharping stone and rock the knife edge on it. This way, you will be able to feel the angle of your current bevel. If you slightly lower the edge by locking your wrist at the exact given angle, you will sharpen your knife in the best possible way. The best combination of two different sharpening techniques is the traditional forward and backward motion and circular pattern.

The circular pattern is good for steel removing while forward, and backward motion is perfect for finishing the job. The combination of these two techniques will not only give you a great result but, it will make sure that your knife lasts a lot longer.Knife Sharpening

Two steps of sharpening

Grinding and honing are the two sharpening steps that will help you to reduce the steel and level it out. There is one more step but, it is not necessary to do it unless you want your steel to become surgically sharp. It is called the stripping stage. Going up and down a leather belt gives the best results by far, and it can help you to clear the burrs from the edge. The dullness determines the best sharpening method for sure.

The importance of keeping your knife sharp

The aforementioned precision and control are just some of the reasons but, the biggest and the only reason that matters the most is safety. You do not want to cut yourself and hurt yourself while holding a knife so avoiding blunt edges is a smart thing to do.

Besides all this, a sharp knife is a time saving because it helps you to get the job done much easier and without putting too much effort to do it.